Friday, January 30, 2009

Kindred spirits

My friend Julia has been working as a Nanny lately for a family with 2 girls Ollie and Harper's age. She basically travels with the family all over the U.S. Julia has been saying that Magnolia( the 4 year old) reminds her of  Ollie. This week they were in LA, so we had a play date. They were staying in a cool hotel with a heated pool on the roof. Ollie was really excited to go swimming. Right when we got there Mags went straight up to Ollie and they started playing like old pals. You would think that with them being so much a like that they would fight the whole time. But they loved each other. I kept over hearing there conversations and they sounded so adult. Like when they were watching Y.G.G...
Ollie- My dad made  this show
Mags- I know I watch it every day
Ollie-oh I didn't know that!
Or when Ollie got a stomachache and was laying on the couch 
 Mags went up and said Let me take your shoes of for you. She looked so concerned for him. Julia was right They were two peas in a pod. Down to there favorite color.....PINK!(yes I am secure with my son Loving pink) It was almost a perfect day. I say almost cuz I got a $40 parking ticket. Blasted LA. Why can't you park there, so stupid.


Beth said...

Your pictures are are so talented

heather said...

I want to go swimming in a roof top pool! how fun

amber buhrley said...

I love that ollies shoes are on the wrong feet! Wish I was in town to go too!