Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Better late then never.

I 'm a little a late on this(a week to be exact)but......HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!!!
I didnt forget you. I just have had a very sick baby(ear infections). Anyways here are my words of love........
Seriously I could say A LOT about Katie
1. She is very athletic. She is a natural at most sports. And if she is not good, she will study and practice until she is. She can compete with the men and win. Just ask Scott how she defeated him (the tube war champ) in tube wars. He was so bummed. It was pretty awesome.
2. She is SOOOOO helpful. You never even have to ask her because chances are she already did it or is doing it. I'll never forget how she helped me out at the whiting reunion. She wasnt even married to Ben yet and I was there without Scott. She got thrown up on by Max and she didnt even blink. She just started cleaning it up. I thought to myself if Ben doesnt marry her I am.
3. But Thank Heavens Ben did. This is when they told us they were engaged. We all started jumping around the restaurant screaming. I think i even cryed. It's so nice having her in the family. I come from a family that is always on time and I married into one that is always an hour late. I finally have some one that is there waiting with me. When will we ever learn Katie that 6:00pm means 7:00pm?
4. This is when we went to NY. Which was so fun. We stayed up late playing cards in our Hotel. And apparantly Katie got mad at everyone(except Kristyn). Fortunatly I had no idea. I'm pretty clueless. Did I mention that Katie is competetive? She always makes games 10 times more fun. I really love playing cards with her and Ben. I can see us when we are all old still playing cards together.

5. This is Katie helping me out.When I had to work she would take Ollie to his swim lessons. My boys LOVE Katie. She is definitely the fun aunt. She is really good with boys. She loves adventure. We always joke that she'll play sports with my boys and I'll take her girls shopping and do there hair.
6. I never hear Katie complain. She always is positive. That's something I need to work on. She is also very organized and hard working which leads me to...
7. Katie got pregnant a little earlier then she expected with Ruby. And it worked out that her due date was right before her finals in her 2nd to last semester of school. Most people would take the year off. Not her. She held that baby in a week late so she could do her finals projects and tests. She also went back the next semester and graduated. WOW. I am so amazed by this. C'mon who does that?!!! Well Katie does.
8. Is it weird to say that I love Katie's family too. I really think of them as my family. They are so awesome. I am constantly trying to get them to just come to our holiday functions like thanksgiving etc. They are so much fun. I can see why she so awesome when you have parents like hers.
Anyways love ya Katie. I can't wait for baby #2!! And might I suggest the name Ruthy? HAHA
Feel free to comment on how awesome Katie is!!!


Christy said...

Katie rocks! I'm sorry I didn't do a birthday post, Katie. I haven't been a great blogger as of yet. But we love ya and are thinking about you and miss you guys! Wow, Ruth, you did an amazing job explaining her. Happy Birthday Katie!

amber buhrley said...

I 100% agree with everything you said and more!! Katie is seriously AMAZING in so many ways. She is the most unselfish person I know. she is always the first one up to help clean up or do the dishes. She doesnt ever say anything bad about anyone and always makes everything so fun. She is also a terrific mom and seems to do everything full force and I love her all the more for it!

sarah said...

I love Katie too, when I first joined the Church she was one of those people who always said hi, sat by me and made me feel totally welcome. She is so genuinely nice you are lucky to have her in your family now. Happy Birthday Katie!

Jones Family said...

Oh no!!! Sounds like Beth has some competition!

Katie Schultz said...

Aww Thanks Ruthy. I love that you pay a blog tribute to people on their birthdays! You really are the best at keeping a good thing going, aka pictures of your boys on their month marks- lucky for your fourth and fifth they will get the same special treatment as the first three. Thanks for the comments too guys!

Sarah said...

Here, here. Katie is the bomb! What would we do without her? Love ya Katie!

Beth said...

Katie is the best jogging partner...even though I know she could run circles around me, she would keep my pace and never complain...and she makes great salsa, we look forward to it each Christmas!

Susie Demke said...

I like Katie becaaaaauuuuse,,,, she is very easy to talk to and she can make you feel like you have been pals forever. Even on your second conversation. It's very refreshing.
Love Susie Demke
Ruth, maybe you can explain the birthday I like/love tradition to Katie.