Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been busy

On Tuesday night my S.I.L Katie labored out a beautiful baby girl! I was the lucky one who got to take her eldest, Ruby! It has been nice to not be the only girl in the house. She is THE BEST child. She goes to bed no problem and is such a sweetheart. Plus she knows my name and says it constantly. So she had me at Rufy. I now realize there defiantly is a difference between boys and girls. Boys are loud and girls are sensitive. Today we all went to the park to get some energy out. But the trip got cut short cuz Harper cut his lip and Ruby got sad. On the way home while everyone was crying, Ollie stopped and said Mom, maybe we should say a prayer. Ollie the voice of reason. Someone was listening cuz everyone was all smiles when we got home. It was so fun to have a daughter on loan. Thanks Katie, we'll take her any time!


Larsen Party 24/7 said...

those pictures are too cute. are those scanned images of polaroids? nice work. :) you are the photoshop diva extraordinaire.

Beth said...

Great shots!! I love little girls too!