Thursday, May 17, 2012

My life lately

 Life has been busy, really busy. So I thought I'd catch you up.
*Currently Davy is sick. She has been fighting something since Thursday. But we are not in the Hospital, so that is the good part. But man is she miserable. The poor thing got a staph infection. She had blisters all over her body and a fever. So painful. But she is on her way back to healthy.
* We have not found a house yet. So in June we will for sure be moving in with the in-laws. I know the day that I leave my Lil house I will be a wreck, so have patience with me. I really need to start packing up, but i am in moving denial.
* Max is now a boy scout, which means overnight camp outs, which means anxiety attack for Mom. I was so worried. But he did great and he had a blast.
* Oliver broke his arm in P.E. Before you start feeling sorry for him, know that it was the best day of his life. He loves the attention. He also failed his hearing test at school. Which makes sense cuz I feel like he never hears a word I'm saying. So we will be seeing an audiologist in the near future.
* Scott has been really busy working on a bunch of new projects. I will fill you in on that later.
* Harper has been playing baseball, or more like laying on the grass and picking weeds. I don't think he has the attention span for it. I think he is more suited for soccer.
                                                    and now for the pictures....

Les miserable

The Boy  Scout

cast on
cast off

I literally can't even go to the bathroom with out a child in my face.(was that TMI?)


April Aleman said...

I have pictures of my child taken in the bathroom too. How's that for TMI? You don't even know me, but I felt so inclined. BTW, I love your blog. I do feel like I know you.

Kelly said...

I've been following your blog since your sweet Davey was born. I hope she gets feeling better soon. I just wanted to say good luck with the house hunt. You're in so cal right? Have you already picked an area to live or are you open for options? If your open I'd say check out La Canada. That's where I grew up. It has a small town feel at the edge of LA and an excellent school district. I loved growing up there. My Dad is an architect there and does a fantastic job fixing up houses. So I guess what I'm trying to say there is don't discount the houses that may seem to small too. Sometimes buying under your budget and fixing them up to be exactly what you want is the way to go. Ok, I'm sure you've heard enough from the girl who has never left a comment on your blog before. I'm not crazy. Promise :)

jenn (+ will) said...

oh poor little davy! wahhh. good luck with the move in between moves.

allieooop42 said...

I never realized the mom angst involved with scouting. Sending them off- alone-(without ME!) to the wilderness- OMG , what if....... ???
But I now have an almost 7th grader and he is more self sufficient, stronger, braver, responsible than most of his non scouting classmates. He went to Whitset this past summer (made husband go too)He goes to Catalina this summer without husb. You will see a change in their demeaner, confidence for the better. Just hard on the moms.
Ps. I see his patches are not sewn on his shirt either.:)
love the blog. hope you find a house soon.

Anonymous said...

I have had sick kiddos this week too. No fun for anyone! Hope Davy gets better very soon!

Also, my five & two year olds are HUGE fans of The Aquabats Super Show along with Gabba. Your husband is a household name/star to my five year old. Tell him to keep up the great work. It is very appreciated in the little house way over in Alabama! :-)

Melany said...

haha that last pic and the caption made me laugh outloud. lately penny has been wandering into the bathroom EVERY time i'm in it and EVERY time she's like "whatcha doin' mom?". she thinks its sooo funny.

hope miss davy gets better soon! poor little thing seems to get sick alot...and good luck packing your house!

Ora said...

Poor Davy! I totally understand how breaking his arm would be Ollie's dream day (I was so jealous when other kids had cool casts and I never ever got one lol) Moving is never ever fun! Hope everything goes smoothly for you!