Monday, May 21, 2012

the IPhone curse

*****Long wordy story alert*****
So we all know what happened to my last phone.....urine bath courtesy of Davy and my boys never flushing the toilet. I was able to borrow a hand me down cracked phone, thanks to My Mom in law. Thank you Nancy, it was better then no phone.
 Well for Mother's day Scott surprised me and got me a new phone. He called around and traveled far to buy me one that wasn't $$. He even got me a waterproof and shuck proof case, cuz we couldn't get insurance cuz it wasn't a new phone. Oh, it was the best gift ever. I was SOO happy.
I am completely dependent on my phone.....I  learned this the hard way. It reminded me of Davy's appointments, I never get lost(thanks Google maps), it's my camera and video camera, a babysitter for Harper and much much more.
Well my new phone lasted all of 6 days. S I X D A Y S!!
Last Friday I met Scott in LA after his meetings, to go to a friends Art show. Well i got there a little early, so I thought I would hit up the 50% off sale at Urban Outfitters(cuz I'm a sucker for a sale). I do regret this now.
So as I was in line, a Lady next to me, reached in her purse for her wallet and noticed her phone was gone. I knew this cuz she said, MY PHONE IS GONE.
I had a notsogood feeling. I looked in my purse and my phone was gone too!! It was a total theft ring going down at Urban. I called Scott(from someone elses phone) and told him to use find my IPhone, but these guys were pros and the turned my phone off immediately.
Believe it or not Scott got his phone stolen a month ago and we got it back using find my IPhone.
But my precious was not coming back to me.
So I sat in front of the store and cried and waited for Scott to come and meet me. The night was ruined, I just wanted to go home.
 The moral of the story is....... always get the insurance on your phone and teach your kids to flush and close the lid on the toilet.
   The End

P.S I do have a phone again, with insurance.


BriBedell said...

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet at Chuck E Cheeses. Eww. Luckily I was the first person to use that toilet that day.

Ps put my phone in a bowl of rice, took it to apple store they said it was all good!!!

Beth said...

Wait you have a new phone with insurance? My Iphone has insurance for damage but not theft. How scary that the pick pockets are going for phones now too.

I bevieve in Karma, I hope whoever took your phone and ruin your night out on the town with your hubby will pay the price by...well, something really bad

Ora said...

That's horrible! I've been lucky enough not to loose my phone (or get it stolen) - I'm with you - it houses all my important things... it's become my brain! Hope you have better luck with your new phone!

Pemberley Court said...

aw that is awful!!! i would have sat and cried too!!!!

Pemberley Court said...
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Melany said...

agh! someone pick-pocketed your iphone? how creepy! im so sorry, that stinks. good luck with your new one. :)

Georgia said...

Wow......sneaky thiefs. Glad you have a new phone now!!! I LOVE my phone...LOL

Anonymous said...

How sad! So sorry that happened to you.

Anonymous said...

Sympathize with you. I'm really emotionally attached to my phone and would cry also if ...

Lucy said...

So sorry that happened to you.!!! i would have sat and cried too!!!!

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