Friday, April 27, 2012

Oliver turned 8

Oliver turned 8(like a month ago). 8 is a pretty big deal in the Mormon culture. It's the year you get baptized and the year you start cub scouts. Ollie has been pretty much dreaming of this day and it's finally here. Oliver is my cuddly one. And I know he uses it to his advantage and I don't care. He loves all movies with animals, real or fake. He tells me all his secrets and wishes, how awesome if that never stopped. He is very funny, sassy and dramatic. He keeps us very entertained.
We gave Ollie the choice of a birthday party or a big present. He chose present....Itouch.(he's spoiled, I know)
For Ollie's birthday breakfast he wanted a pancake sampler plate, made by Dad. Is it me or do dads always make the best pancakes? Scott makes random flavored pancakes and the boys try and guess what they are.
                             This was the night of the great candle blow out debacle.
Oliver right now
*favorite book- A to Z mystery
*favorite movie- Spaceballs
* favorite food- ice cream
* fast food- McDons
*sport- soccer
* favorite color- blue
*likes to- ride his bike and play video games
*Favorite band- Big Time rush
*Favorite subject- math
* he is 50 pounds and 50 inches
* best friend- Brad and Gabe
*when He grows up- he wants to be famous(oh boy)


Tee said...

Happy birthday, and Congrats on the baptism! Your parties are always so cute...I love the idea of guessing the pancake flavors! So much fun :)

Sharla Watene said...

Happy Birthday Ollie!! Excited we will be there for his baptism!!

Petie said...

I love your idea about choosing a big gift or a party. Happy Birthday to Ollie, love his hair.

Georgia said...

Happy birthday Ollie !!!!

mer said...

OK, but pray tell where you got Ollie's green shirt with the glasses and mustache guy?! I think I seriously need one of those. Hope you and the family are well.