Sunday, November 6, 2011

Harper is four

Harper why? Why do keep growing older? It makes me so sad to think of my lil buddy being so old. Why it just seems like yesterday you were climbing out of your crib and breaking out of the house.
So we Partied yesterday, Schultz style. He got to jump through his door full of streamers(decorated by Ollie). For his special breakfast he chose doughnuts, isn't he so lucky.
Then the one present he was wishing for was............Hungry hippos! Wow thanks for making your Birthday cheap and easy on us Harper!!
We also through in a trip to Chuck E Cheese with his brothers and Dad. All in all it was a low key day and he was completely happy.

As soon as my camera gets back from the shop I plan on taking a nice "4 year old" picture of him. But for now i leave you with Iphone pictures.

Oh yes i nearly forgot the giveaway. I asked my boys to pick a number between 1-46 and they chose. 7!!!!

So the lovely Ora gets to go to Gabba live!! Thank you so much to everyone for the comments. I love it when people talk to me via comments. I wish I could get you all in cuz it really is a magical experience.
So Ora email me and we will set it up!!! Also i expect a detailed report with pictures.


Liz said...

Happy birthday to Harper! I'm more of a blog lurker than commenter... but you *may* want to remove or edit one of your photos. Behind Harper is your fridge and it looks like personal phone numbers...

(Sorry, it's a crazy stalker world out there.)

Melin said...

Ruth-Adorable. However, you may want to delete the last picture. Ya got some personal information you might not want out there.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Harper!!!

Ora said...

Happy Birthday Harper!! Being 4 is AWESOME!

Thanks Ruth! I can't believe I won... I never win anything!

steelebjm said...

My now 3 year old had her birthday last week and also requested Hungry Hippos. And then tonight she obsessively tried to draw hippos for about half and hour, pouting and yelling when it didn't go right.

Artists. Pfft.

heather said...


Reenie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Harper!! :)