Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Madeline

This is a very special birthday blog dedicated to my new friend, Madeline. A couple weeks back I received the CUTEST email from Madeline's boyfriend, Grant. First off Grant, you had me at at your email's subject which was, " about your blog- I love it!" I guess I am sucker for flattery :)
I was always under the impression that the only dudes that read my blog were my Dad and Jordan K. So I am happy to say I have 3 male readers, so thanks Grant!!!
Anyways Grant just had the loveliest things to say about you Madeline. I loved reading all bout you.
Here are some super cool things about Madeline.....
-she runs a community knitting circle. Wow, that is really cool.
- she has her own radio show........whuuuut, even cooler!
- she has a double major and works two jobs! Where do you find the time?
- but most important......... she is a fan of my little ole blog!
Thank you Madeline for reading. I really do appreciate it.
I hope you had the best 21st birthday ever!!! Please let me know how your day went.

and now I leave you with a birthday song from my November child, Harper.


Georgia said...

Cool new friend....and an awesome birthday song!!!!

Beth said...

Love it! Love that boy!

Happy Birthday Madeline :)

katie said...

oh gosh. he is so cute!

Reenie said...

Adorable Harper!!!

Happy Birthday Madeline.

Ora said...


Anonymous said...

Holy buckets, thank you so much for the birthday wishes! To say my jaw dropped is an understatement! Who knew my boyfriend could be so sneaky? Thank you for sharing your family's story with us; reading about Davy gave us unbelievable hope for his cousin's sweet clefty baby! God bless! :)


Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Harper is adorable! I love his laugh at the end! haha. Ruth did you ever get my email from a while back???