Thursday, September 15, 2011

These are the eyes of a wise old man

Sir Scott is 40.
Scott's schedule has been really busy. So busy I hardly get to talk to him. That makes it kind of hard to plan something for his Birthday. I have been joking how I was throwing him a surprise party. He told me, If you hate me, throw me a surprise party.
Wow thems fighting words. You know it made me want to throw a party even more. But I didn't....out of respect for my elder. I DO have something fun planned for the weekend. More on that later.
But today...... today I didn't plan anything. For some reason I thought he would be filming late. Because I think on Monday he said, I'll be filming late on my birthday.
So we went out to lunch like old people do.
And tonight he gets to go out with his Bros and do whatever it is that six 40 year old dudes do on a Thursday night.

Should I tell you 40 things about Scott?

1. Haha, just kidding I would never put you through that.


BriBedell said...

I'm very interested to know what it is that six 40 year olds do together too. But my elder of a hubby 35 (10 years older than me) hangs with his old dude friends, I imagine it's much of the & talk about work! Ha!! Happy Birthday to yo Man! :)

Melany said...

happy bday scott! and that previous post was amazing. that is such a cool perk of gabba to be able to reach out to so many kids.

Heather said...

haha that actually a really cook picture. :) Happy Birthday Scott. Weird that he's 40?

Georgia said...

LOL....I love the part in your blog about going out to lunch on Scott's birthday...cause thats what old people do. So true....we do that all the time. Hee-hee.

Happy Birthday To The Wise Old Man!!!!!!

Ora said...

lol You crack me up Ruth! We are going through this same issue right now.. Husband is winning on no birthday party even though my killer Y2K theme would have been hilarious! Happy Birthday Scott!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday!