Monday, September 19, 2011

Rehab update

It was over 6 months ago that we had a barium swallow study that showed Davy was aspirating. We started off with doing vital stim therapy twice a week. Then 8 weeks ago we switched to 3 times a week. Being that she "silently" aspirates, it's kinda hard to see the progress she is truly making. This last Friday we had another swallow study.
I was definitely more anxious this time around. I knew there were not going to be drastic changes, but her speech therapist was very optimistic that she had improved, so I was optimistic.
This time around was better in the fact that her therapist was present and I was the one feeding her during the test. It was really the best circumstances for Miss Davy.
Things seemed to be going well until out of the corner of my eye I saw the radiologist wince.
Then the test ended. Wah waaa.
Although Davygirl showed a slight improvement, she is indeed still aspirating or "at risk" of aspirating. Basically, she did not aspirate every single time.
But... I did not break down crying this time, so I guess showed a slight improvement too.
With Davy, it's not about success, it's about progress, and she really has been progressing. So all these therapy hours have not been a waste......right?

*Is it me or is someone is trying to teach me patience. Like over and over again


Betsi* said...

And you are showing your newly won and hard earned virtues beautifully. Well done, Mama. She is such a beautiful girl and you guys are such amazing parents! I always look forward to reading about your adventures!

Wynn_Anne Sibbald said...

Progress = success. It's really hard to be patient when the improvements are so slow (been there). Davy is blessed to have you.

Victoria Blanchard said...

I'm so sorry---what a hard place to be. But you're right, we just all have to have patience. I'm dealing with a hard situation (that's putting it really mildly) in my family, and when I went to the Temple this weekend, the Lord reminded me of the marathon I ran, and like I've felt before, I just knew this trial is not going to end any time soon and I need to get used to that idea and prepare for it.

Sharline said...

A little b it of progress is better than no progress at all!! I hope she'll get stronger and stronger and I hope you'll be able to stay strong! You're a wonderful mother!

BriBedell said...

You are such an awesome Momma & I'm sure you have the patience of a saint!

Jessica Crozier said...

I swear I say the same thing… raising these precious kiddos is a good hefty practice of patience. 24/7. Congratulations on the improvement. No matter how small, it's still improvement. :-)

Melany said...

i feel ya, patience is definitely not my best quality. penny's physical therapist is always reminding me of what you said, too - that as long as she's progressing then we're just fine. i'm always saying to paul, i wish i could just fast forward! but it's gonna be so worth it in the end. :)

PilatesMom said...

Progress is always good! Hang in there and remember ... Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says "I'll try again tomorrow."

kim said...

She is gorgeous! My John's epilgottis didn't work until he was well over 2 (and we didn't know until he was 8 months old) so I'm familiar with the aspiration and barium tests. It's nerve racking. Sounds like you are doing very well -- I remember how difficult those tests were, ugh. On both of us. Hang in there!