Thursday, August 4, 2011

My first give away....kinda

Before you get all excited, this is not for everyone. I have been cleaning out some things and I came across Davy's cute hospital gowns my friend, Kelsey, made her.
I remember how excited I was to put my little Davy girl in something other then a blue and pink striped beanie. I would love to pass these on to a fellow NICU mom. It was the little things like this that would give me something to smile about. Cute baby things always make me smile.
SO......If your little one or a friends little one is in the NICU for an extended stay, leave a comment and tell me a little about them. Like I said, this not for everyone.

I'll pick someone next week.......if someone leaves a comment that is.


Amy said...

I have no NICU baby (or any baby!), but I just wanted to say that I thought this was such an incredibly thoughtful gift. I sew and I'm going to file this away in case I do have any friends or loved ones that end up in this situation.

Glad to see Miss Davy doing great! It's been fun to stalk your blog and see all of her positive progress.

... an LA reader.

Kelly Mae said...

Ruth, my twin boys were in the NICU 8 years ago. 6 days after they were born, I entered the NICU to find them wearing little St. Patricks day gowns that were so tiny I have them actually on a scrapbook page now. Seeing them in something other than "hospital attire" was special for me. Your give away is a great idea! :)

Cheryl said...

I found this blog thru one of my friends. Her baby was born @ 23 weeks and has a long stay to be sure. I'm sure she would love to have these.

Holladay Family said...

I have been reading your blog for so long it doesn't seem possible that it was over a year ago you made these. I also have NICU graduate children & am currently in preterm labor as I write this. :( Anyway, I worry that you will regret giving away these gowns later. I hope you are keeping a few as keepsakes. They are family heirlooms. If you need me to, I work in the big Hospital here in the NICU as a volunteer to help parents cope with the stress. I would be happy to give them to a family that is struggling right now. My baby will be a boy otherwise I would be thrilled for them. I am so grateful you allow strangers like us to read your darling blog. I am always excited when I see the progress Davy is making. I am anxiously waiting to see how her feeding is going. All four of my kids (&the next one too probably) have had major difficulties with feeds & choking. I am grateful UR gorgeous daughter is doing so well. :) My son is has arthrogryposis & I can relate to celebrating the "little things!" Thanks again for sharing your story with us. :) Lisa

holladayfam at gmail dot com :)

ash said...
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Bridget said...

I would like to donate them to the NICU that two of our daughters stayed in (I always try to find preemie clothes on clearance to donate) and/or I would like to know how she made them. I am not a great sewer, but I have made an apron I thought was pretty difficult and this would be something great to make and donate to them. Did she make up the pattern or did she find one?

Becki D said...

What a wonderful giveaway! Thankfully I haven't had any NICU experiences yet, but I think these would be great for my friend Misty. Four years ago her little boy was born at 28 weeks. After a long first year, he is an amazing (if tiny) little boy now! Anyway, he doesn't need tiny hospital gowns, but his Mama is now preggo with twin girls. Can you believe it?! We are hoping and praying that she makes it to 37 weeks, and if she does the Doc will c-section her then. So...she's guaranteed to have two little bitty babies who would love some sweet gowns!

What a thoughtful giveaway, Ms. Ruth! <3

Callie said...

I'm not entering this giveaway---but wanted to comment to say that this this is such a sweet and thoughtful giveaway and ALSO that seeing those little pictures of Davy (who in real life I do not even know but who I have followed ever since C Jane talked about your lovely family) makes me so grateful for the amazing doctors and their skills because WOW look what a big grown up girl she is now and how far she has come.
God is good.

J & J said...

Hi there, Ruth. A friend of my sisters left a comment on my blog that led me to you (she told me about this sweet giveaway). Your blog is so sweet, and that little Davy is just YUMMY. I think this giveaway is so personal and just so selfless almost. I'm sure it might not be easy to give these away because they connect with so many memories for you. But then again, maybe it's a way to set those memories free because positive things have taken their place. Either way, I have a very dear friend named Ani. Her baby, Ruby, is in the hospital with a rare disease and is in need of a new liver. They are living at the hospital now simply waiting for that pager to go off. Ruby isn't doing so well, and she's already had to have a few surgeries. Anyway, there are a lot of people praying for them and I know that Ani has a lot of faith. I believe a liver will come for little Ruby, but as I'm sure know, spending so much time in a hospital instead of at your home can be daunting. Anyway, Ruby is 7 months old so I'm not even sure if they would fit her anymore. But I thought I'd pass her blog along so that you could read it and maybe spread a little goodness (you already spread so much!). Even an extra prayer would do so much. Their blog is

And if they would fit, maybe that would be a nice pick-me-up for both Ani and Ruby. Hope you're doing well!


debra g said...

I do not have a NICU baby, but wanted to say how sweet and giving you are. I have been following your family for almost a year and am rooting for you all everyday!!!
Thanks for sharing with us.