Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oliver Ben is se-ven

March has been a month of celebrations. Today we honored Ollie's 7th Birthday. You by now know all are birthday traditions.
They get so excited to jump through their door full of streamers. it's like christmas morning.
Oh Ollie, I actually CAN believe your seven now. You have always been an old soul trapped in a child's body.
*Ollie is my funny child. He is always trying to make me laugh.
* He is my cuddle buddy. He loves to get his blanket and snuggle with me.
* He has a really good imagination. Most kids will dump a bucket of toys to play with in the bath. He will bring ONE Nerf bullet and be entertained for hours.
* Ollie can be sassy and dramatic. When he is hurt, his cry can be heard all across the world. So sorry for all the noise.
* He is a lover of ALL animals. But he of course loves his dog, Charlie the most. He is currently trying to find Charlie a wife, so Charlie can be a DAD. Plus, Ollie wants a puppy plantation. So win, win. I don't have the heart to tell him Charlie is fixed. Plus, I don't want to explain what fixed means.
Because of Ollie's great love of animals, we are stuck seeing every single cheesy talking animal movie ever made. I just saw Yogi bear with him on our Birthday date. I believe his favorite movie right now is Alvin and the chipmunks and Totorro(which actually is amazing).
*Ollie used to want to be a spy when he grew up, but he realized it would be hard to have a family. So now he wants to be a potion master/artist. So is potion master a fancy word for chemist? Don't know.
* Ollie has only lost 2 teeth. He is pretty bitter about it. Especially since Davy has lost 3!!But i love his baby teeth.
* By the way Ollie has told me he wants to be called Oliver now. But he said you can write Ollie, since it's shorter.
Ollie chose a breakfast of chocolate milk, watermelon and a variety of pancakes. So Dad made him brown sugar, vanilla, marshmallow pancakes. And then he finished up with a Toxic blue slime pancake, which the ingredients will remain top secret.
Love you Oliver.


Joanne said...

Great Birthday Crown. One of the many things I miss not being a parent.....being able to throw birthday parties!
Happy Birthday Oliver!

Duh Despains said...

He is the cutest! I love that he wants to be a puppy plantation owner... I married one of those types and they are just the greatest. Happy Birthday Oliver!

robin said...

i know you hear this all the time and i'm just another voice in the crowd, but i love your blog! (i also kind of think davey and my son, sawyer look like they could be brother and sister. i see a strong resemblance.)

okay, psycho commenter out...

heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLLIE! ruth, you are a super mom. all those birthdays in one month! you give me hope that maybe i can have all these birthdays in one month and make them special too. (i need to make a birthday plate and crown).

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Oliver Ben!!

Alli Easley said...

Aw he's tender like my Casey Paul. Don't you love the sweet boys? Not that I don't love ALL my boys (and girls, for that matter) but it's the sweet ones that keep me laying in bed at night thinking to myself "Did I push him away today? Did I hug him enough? Does he feel loved today?"

Happy Birthday Oliver Ben!

Sharla said...

Wow! Is it just me or does Ollie look all grown up? Give him and Charlie some loves for us!

Georgia said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!!!!

Gosh seems like you just had him. Time flies! He's grown into such a nice boy!!!

Reenie said...

Happy Birthday Ollie....OLIVER =)

I hope your day was FANTASTIC


Red She Said said...

My husband and I have always said if we have a boy someday we will name him Oliver. I hope our Ollie will be as awesome as yours. :)

Matt said...

We love ollie! Hope it was a great birthday. I like his hair short. Didn't know you cut it. Alot can happen in 6 months!

the sister said...

what?! he is seven now! oh my gosh he is TOO big! that is so cute that you did that for him!