Thursday, February 10, 2011

What the hey hey?!!

Did anyone notice that a certain 6 year old changed my profile? I guess I no longer contribute to this blog. Evil genius. If you have gotten any weird comments from an Oliver, it could have been me. Or who knows, maybe it was him. If I wasn't so lazy/sick, Id' change it back. I have that stupid cold that's going around. It's not the kind that has you down and out, just not feeling up to par.
I had all sorts of ideas for posts this week, since it is tubie week. I guess it also happens to be congenital heart defect awareness week. Wow, Davy is a popular girl. Even though Davy has some problems with her ticker, I know things could be MUCH worse in this category. We were in the cardiac suite of the NICU at CHOC. It was not a happy place. There were a lot of broken hearts(parents included) in that room. So in a way I feel blessed..........her heart can be fixed.

BTW- OT went awful today. Maybe Davy is getting sick too.


sherrie said...

Funny kid. I think I'll adopt the phrase "what the hey, hey" -that would come in VERY handy at my house. Hoping for a great OT next time! From - stranger who still thinks it's weird to make a comment!

Sharla Watene said...

Haha! I thought it was funny that I got a comment from Oliver! love him.

The Crazy One said...
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Alli Easley said...

Ohhh he is so sassy! I have to admit, I did NOT get a comment from Oliver, but had I, I might have hoped it discussed things like playing the Wii and thinking girls were gross even though you somehow wanna hug them at school.

OH!!! And btw, this is my second attempt at this comment because apparently I was signed into the wrong account! Let's just blame all these weird blogging moments on old age ok great.

Emily Rosell said...

Hahaha. That kid Is so cool.
I was perplexed by that last week on your comment.
So funny.
I hope you are not getting that nasty sinus thing I had. Drink up. Need a big gulp, txt me.

Leslie said...

ruth, i would love to deliver a blanket from you to the guymons. they are in my ward. if you need my address or phone #, just email me at
i can also swing by and pick it up from you. just let me know.
oliver is funny!!!!!

Stacey said...

Thank you for posting about CHD Awareness Week. I am a heart mom to a 9 month old born with HLHS (half a heart.) We struggle to raise awareness for CHD babies and children who fight for life each and every day.

Co-incidentally, our family practically lives and breathes Yo Gabba Gabba. Lovely, love my (heart) family!

Thanks again. Davy is a doll!