Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

This year for Valentines Day we went the Non candy route. I know, SO not me. But my boys are the kind of kids that would pick out the random trinkets from the pinata over the candy(weirdos.) So we came up with these. My goal was not so much to make them Martha Stewart amazing as it was to make them cheap. I used snack sized Ziploc bags, and plain old computer paper. I spent a total of $8....not bad.
Ollie picked the slinky. I gave him a few options of messages and he pick this one. Max picked out the ball. He made up his own message, pretty clever, huh.

As for Scott and I, we will be keeping it low key this year. And by low key, I mean we are doing nothing. Which is also not like me...I love all holidays, real or made up.
Did you get or do anything cool For Lovers Day? Let me live vicariously through you.


Jackie said...

I got a "Happy Valentine's Day" text message!!!! That worked for me!

Georgia said...

You're home-made valentines were adorable. You are very clever Ruth.

Valentine's Day is Gina's birthday (she's 17 today) with that said, our Valentines Day takes a backseat to her birthday. We usually celebrate the next weekend.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and the fam!!!!

Beth said...

Wait you made those Valentines for the oys to handout in their class rooms??? Too cute!

We went to the $4 movie and saw Harry Potter...again. Charles made a romantic dinner too! Pancakes and bacon.

vanessa lamb photography said...

Sean got me dark chocolate peanut butter cups and got some free Trader Joes balloons... so we spent the night sucking out the helium and singing horrible love songs.

Melinda said...

We had family over and had spaghetti and meatballs and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Then we played games and had a little lesson on showing love for each other! It wasn't a romantic Valentines but still very nice!

Duh Despains said...

We did non-food for treats too, but yours are much more creative!

We didn't do much this year, just hand delivered Valentine's to the Grandma's and ate yummy pizza for dinner!

Amanda Joy said...

I woke up to the kitchen completely cleaned... it was glorious:)