Monday, August 30, 2010

manly mens day 2

The second day of the Man trip was Carlsbad Caverns. Scott has been trying to take the boys here for the past 3 years. I have found an excuse as to why this trip could not be possible pretty much every time. Traveling 14 hours to see a cave sounded not fun. So I am happy it finally worked out for them to go)without me), now Scott can check it off his list. When I ask Scott about the caves he musters up his most sincere face and says, It was an inspiration, beautiful...I want to make a movie there.
I asked all the boys what they though of the caves......
Max- "it was great. But it would have been better if i could repel(you had to be 12). I saw a bat, that was pretty cool." I liked the hall of the giants. It was like these giant rocks every where.
Rocky- liked all the crystal in them caves.
Ollie- I liked the witches finger( A large stalagmite) and the bat. I didn't like all the walking though.
Scott- I liked fairy land, the endless pit, the crystal pools. I think he's trying to make me jealous.... not working Mr. Schultz.

This was at the cafeteria inside the caves. Max said they had gross food and all he could have was water. To call Max picky is an under statement.
Does anyone else think of Fraggle Rock after looking at this picture? I keep expecting to see the doozers.


Camille said...

This is an old post- so I don't know that you will even see this comment- but I LOVE LOVE Fraggle Rock.
It's just what Doozers do.
Makes me smile.
And the cave totally, completely looks the part.

Xanthe Villa said...

Too Cool.!!! Yerr gonna ave to take me therr when I come!!! Just Kidding, I know it is far away.!!!