Monday, August 9, 2010


I forgot my camera today. Thank heavens for my Iphone

Meet Davy's new friend, Mickey. We got rid of her rubber jump rope, and I say good riddance. This is how our day went down.....
Last night Davy had to stop eating at 1am.
Left for the hospital at 6:15am
Did all the boring paperwork to admit her.
Then we discussed with the nurse about her heart and adrenal issues. We also informed her how Davy is a "hard stick" when it comes to IVs. I don't think she believed me though. 3 sticks and 2 nurses later her IV was in. She only cried after the first jab, then she just layed still while giving her nurse the stink eye. What a pro. The poor thing had to be starving by now, but she was still pretty calm. I was so impressed with how strong she was. It was like she was trying to calm me down.
We wheeled her into the operating room and held her hand as they put her under. She looked so small on her gurney. I know she will have many more surgeries, but I never think I'll get used to seeing my Davygirl lay so lifeless. It just makes you sad.
Then we had to leave and go to the waiting room(not an easy thing to do), but luckily we didn't have to wait long.
Davy's surgery took about.......20 minutes. They even checked her esophagus to make sure her reflux isn't destroying it. The Doctor said it looked beautiful. She even gave us a picture, cuz who doesn't want a picture of your baby's esophagus.
She woke up and was pretty bummed out, that didn't last too long though. She was smiling within 10 minutes.
The anesthesiologist told us that he was able to intubate her, but because the surgery was so fast that it was OK. But for future surgeries they will need to know this ahead of time. So I guess it was good thing we had the 20 minute practice surgery before her cleft surgeries.
Finally at 12pm we were able to feed her. I am so amazed she wasn't screaming with hunger, cuz Scott and I were starving. We took her home and we all three crashed for a couple of hours. She's been a little cranky, but way better then I would expect from a baby who just had surgery. 2 surgeries down, a bunch more to go.


Brynn said...

Oh good! I'm glad everything went well. I was thinking about you guys this morning.

Caitlin said...

Phew! I am glad that it went well. They NEVER believe me when I tell them about Della being a hard stick either. Why is that? Are other moms just making it up and saying the same things. Last time Della's IV came halfway out and was bleeding everywhere. That's great news about the reflux and Mickey looks a whole lot easier to handle.

The {G} Family said...

I'm so glad everything went well!

Georgia said...

I am glad that Davy's surgery went as smoothly as it did. I was thinking of Davy girl all morning yesterday. She is a strong, strong little girl. What a blessing she is!!!! Big hugs to the family.

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

so glad it well!! that little mickey looks alot easier to handle. i love how she was smiling minutes after waking up. she is such a sweetheart.

Damaris said...

yay Davy.
Glad to hear all went well. Babies are amazing and your little one is amazing to the moon and back.

Damaris said...

ps. I REALLY think you should watch the movie "smile pinki"

it blew my mind.

Beth said...

2 down many more to go...but she handled this so one so good!!!
Compared to the last one where she didn't wake up for over 10 days

It will help me be a little more calm for her next surgery.

Did the anesthesiologist tell you why he had a hard time intubating her? I am glad they will have the heads up for #3 surgery.

Cathy Woodruff said...

We are glad things went better this time around!