Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brooke Tagged me.

And I don't mind at all! The game Tag is supposed to be fun. right?. This one is pretty easy too.
Here are the rules....
1. go to your Documents/my pictures or I-photo
2. go to your 6th file
3. to your 6th picture
4. blog about it
5. tag 6 peoples

This is an old "film" picture that we scanned with a crappy scanner, so the quality is no good. But the picture speaks volumes still. This is baby Max. It was definitely a good time in my life. Husband was recording the Majestic album in our bedroom. And Max was going through a
hang-upside-down-phase. So right here he is upside down, listening to a lullaby that was written for him, by us. Which if you listen closely to the song you can hear him cooing in the background. This picture really make me happy. We even put it on our Majestic shirts to sale at our many "hub" shows.(remember those?) Good times, good times.
I Tag... Beth, Christy, Jill B, Heather W, Jana and if she does it ... Amber.