Thursday, March 1, 2012

I hate Flu season

If you follow me on instagram, then you already are in the know, but Davy has been in the Hospital this week. She woke up Monday morning with a clear, runny nose and light cough, nothing to crazy. I will say she, was not as happy as she usually is, but again nothing too crazy. Then by 6:30 she started going into adrenal crisis and throwing up. At this point I knew we were ER bound.

I actually feel pretty seasoned at this point. I wasn't panicked or rushing about. Scott and I tried to give her an oral Adrenal medication first, to see if she could hold it down. That lasted 2 hours, so we gave her"the shot" and then went down to CHOC. Technically we went to the Saint Josephs ER, since CHOC doesn't have one yet. And then from there you get admitted to CHOC.

Apparently there are some nasty viruses going around cuz there was no room at the Inn and we were stuck in the ER, for the first 24 hours.

I know what you're thinking..... How awful to be in the ER that long.

WRONG, it was glorious. We had our own room in a very quiet wing of the ER. I actually asked if we could stay cuz I knew we would have to share a room at CHOC.

And believe me, it is just plain awful to have a sick baby and then having to shack up with another family.

(Davy rockin her binkie like a gangsta)
Long story short Davy's white blood cell count was through the roof. So she was fighting some sort of viral infection. As soon as I felt Davy was stable, I asked to leave. I am pretty comfortable with her medical needs. So If it's not critical, I would rather her heal from home.
This was our shortest Hospital stay thus far, but it was also our hardest.
I think because we were just there 2 months ago, it was still too fresh in Davy's mind. So she was very upset. It took like 4 nurses to get anything done on her. They gave up trying to get her blood pressure. By the time they could even get it on her, it was probably through the roof anyways cuz she was so stressed out.
I also think her being mobile was hard on her. She was stuck in a crib attached to heart monitors and an IV, so she couldn't cruise around at all.
By day two she took matters into her own hands and ripped out her IV. I didn't even notice for a while, I just kept finding blood on toys and the wall. I don't know why I didn't think to check there first.

But we are home now and as you can tell, she is just SO happy to be back.
I actually think I am more happy then she is. Hospital stays are rough business.


Heather said...

Oh no!!! So sorry to hear about your hard week. Having a mobile kid in the hospital is the WORST. Especially when they are too little to understand why they have to stay in bed. Glad she is home now. hope you all are getting rest.

Lana said...

Man, that sounds like a rough week. Ruth, I just wanted to tell you that I admire you and Scott so much. I can't even imagine how hard it must be see your child have to deal with such intense medical issues. I become a crybaby when one of my kids has a fever! You guys are amazing and I just really look up to you. And Davy is, of course, adorable. I love her haircut :)

Debby said...

So sorry that you all had to go through this. Poor Davy. And poor you. It is hard to be at the hospital and also worry about the ones at home. They have alot to dea with as well. You can tell I have had experiences like this. We had a son with a seizure disorder among other things.....not as serious as Davy. Glad you are home again. She looks like she is feeling better.

Melinda said...

Hospital stays are miserable, I'm glad it was short, poor Davy! She's really at that hard age where she wants to move around but isn't old enough that you can explain whats going on and have her listen, darn. That last picture is priceless though, love her happy grin!

Rudyricks said...

Ya know...even with a yucky nose, she is still the cutest!!!!!!!

Ora said...

Poor girl! Glad you guys made it home alive and are able to recover in comfort!

steelebjm said...

The look of pure joy in that last picture...I'm pretty sure it's how you felt when you got home from the hospital too! :)

Anonymous said...

That last picture says it all. She is such a gift. Thanks for sharing her story with us!

TonyF said...

We all hate flu season. it's nice to see her smiling again though.

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