Monday, October 24, 2011

I'll give it a whirl

OK, so you all know I have trouble sleeping. Well I usually just try and take melatonin and call it a night. But when I am really struggling I do take ambien.
For someone with Chronic Insomnia it can be a life saver.
I have learned something about taking sleeping pills though........
one. take it early so you can fall asleep at reasonable hour(get your pills worth)
two. Probably not a good idea to answer emails after you have taken it.

Whilst medicated I agreed to a blogher review on Mary Kay make up. I know I am not one to do product reviews, but I have to say it was kinda fun. So if you are interested click here and read all about it.

and yes I am ambien free right now.


Jennifer said...

I once birthed a baby after taking an Ambien. I don't remember most of it. Sad.

whitneyingram said...

Holy cow- stay away from the Ambien. It ruined Ethan's sleeping habits forever. If he knew you were taking it, he would call you and tell you to stop

Melany said...

haha you're so funny ruth. i didn't think the mary kay post sounded weird at all. very honest and informative! i'm a night owl, too. it'll be like midnight and i'll say to paul "let's watch a movie!" and he just groans.

Middle-aged Momma said...

Very coherent while under the influence of Ambien. Kudos! I'm a total night owl as well and a few times I have had to take it before I pull an all nighter (which I'm no longer capable of pulling off now).
I once reorganized my home office without remembering that I had done it. If I'm not in bed, it makes me highly productive. AND if I do take it, I have to announce that I have taken it to my husband so he can keep me away from all technology in fear of shaming the family name. Sometimes he fails.
I found a homeopathic sleeping aid at a health food store called Caffea Cruda that sometimes works.

Reenie said...

I've heard too many horror stories about Ambien :o

Asha said...

i take sleeping pills, if I don't, I get up at 3am and never get back to sleep. they are a lifesaver!! I only use Tylonol PM.