Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two and a half weeks left!!!!

Wow, I love my fat face. Even better check out my franken-hand. I'm officially over wearing the arm braces. They are not worth it. Plus I gotta show off these bad boys. This last week I gained 4 pounds in water weight(literally over night.) And it had to happen the week of my sister in laws wedding. So yay for water retention!
Usually by this time in my pregnancy I am nesting like crazy. I've painted my whole house(and my sisters), reorganize things, you name it. The closest I have come to nesting this time is picking my clothes up off the floor. Luckily my nieces came over today and helped me clean up the house. Thank you Xoe and Xanthe, you rule.


Georgia said...

Gosh Ruth I can't believe its so close. What sweet nieces you have to help you get ready. Keep us updated.

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Larsen Party 24/7 said...

ruth you look awesome! i'm very impressed that you look all put together and cute. actually, you shouldn't be allowed to look that cute when you only have 2 weeks left. i can't wait to see pictures of your little girl!

Beth said...

I think you look pretty darn good for being 38 weeks pregnant.

When I am 2 weeks away from delivery, my face looks as swollen as your hands. I gained 9 pounds in one week when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Vanessa...maybe it's a Witten water weight thing.

soooooo....who is your nike shoes friend???

Sarah, Luke & Nathaniel Aston said...

I think you look fantastic Ruth! Pregnancy is beautiful on you! The next two weeks will just fly!

jenn king said...

you are so gorgeous pregnant!

tracyjax said...

leave it to you to still look totally stylish and adorable when you're that pregnant! love it!

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