Sunday, October 4, 2009

arizona part 2

Scott took the boys to a trout farm for their first fishing experience. I think he was more excited then they were. The cool thing about going to the trout farm is you pretty much gonna catch something, and they both did. I love these pictures cuz it shows how different Max and Ollie are.

Note that Ollie has a napkin around his fish. He was grossed out by the germs and properly sanitized after handling said fish.
Max was more hands on with his fish. problem. But notice this sad look on Max's face. That's because he was so sad that the fish was in pain. He saw the hook in his mouth and the fish still flopping around and he just needed Dad to put it out of it's misery. Which ended up making matters worse cuz brilliant Scott thought if he whacked the fish on a rock it would die quick. Well it did but it also splattered blood everywhere. Max teared up even more and Ollie said AWESOME!!!!
They thought it was hilarious to make the fish kiss.


Beth said...

Love it!

Georgia said...

Such great memories for the boys! They are so lucky to have a loving Dad!

Cathy Woodruff said...

That was a fun day. I glad I was able to be there with the boys. Trout farms are the best way to go with young ones.

Xanthe Villa said...

Soo funny reminds me of a time when my Uncle Michael got bit by a trout.I would be sad if that fish had to die. I agree with Max what if that fish was you? How would you like it?