Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ollie's preschool graduation

A month ago Ollie graduated from Tiny Tots. He was really excited to be done with "baby" school and be a kindergartner now. The school put on a little program where they sang songs, it was really cute. Ollie took things very seriously. He never smiled, he was all business.

He was trying to get my attention to tell me to take pictures of him.

They had all the kids say their names. Ollie of course said his full name,

This is Ollie's cousin June, she refused to look at her Mom and Dad. Isn't she cute.

Ollie getting his diploma. They asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up. Ollie said a fireman(news to me). He later told me that he lied to everyone and that he really wants to be a Dog Whisperer.

Miss Irene and Miss Robbins

It was so much fun to have Grammy and Papa there. Note the bouquet of roses Ollie has. He HAD to get them to hand out to all his ladies, Grammy got two!
It's so weird to think that my little guy is going to leave me next year to go to big boy school. I'm kinda sad.


Georgia said...

I'm laughing about the flowers he was handing out to the "ladies" darn cute. I love that he gave Grandma 2 roses. He's a good boy! Hard to believe he will be starting kindergarten.

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

that's so funny that he "lied" about his true desired profession when he grows up. where did he even pick up the term dog "whisperer"? ha! he looks so cute!

Nancy said...

Hi Ruth I'm here at Christy's and she is showing me how to comment on blogs- His graduation was so fun to attend. I'm glad you live so close so we can go to those things.

amber buhrley said...

sad we missed it. Looks like it was fun! I don't know how I missed this post. I was just randomly going through blogs and found I hadnt last read this one? Also, Just FYI its Miss Robin-Robin being her first name! Not that it really matters anymore!

Christy said...

I seriously love that kid. He has such an old soul and I LOVE the story about him making up the fireman thing cuz he knew that's what everyone wanted to hear. But is a true dog whisperer at heart. I can't wait to see him work his magic on all his canine friends.